Folding, Potty Training Step Stool For Kids and Toddlers - Portable Footrest

The Tip Pee Toe™ children's step stool is the perfect solution in public toilets and sinks, travel, and potty training.  It's a portable step stool that is light weight, compact, and folds to fit in your purse or diaper bag.  Potty training can be a difficult task, but with the Tip Pee Toe™ portable toddler step stool, your child's step stool is available when you need it and where ever you go.  Use it in public restrooms or at home.  It stores in the vanity for easy access when not in use.  The Tip Pee Toe™ toddler step stool is a unique folding step stool for kids or can be used as a portable foot rest.

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      1. Closed Position          2. Open Stool and Unfold Legs       3.  Lift and Lock Support Links      4. Ready for Use


The Development of the Tip Pee Toe™ Toddler Step Stool

At some point parents are faced with the question of how to potty train and when to potty train our child.  The appropriate age for child potty training varies, and potty training a boy will differ from potty training a girl.  However,  all parents agree that when it is time to start potty training, the process should be as smooth as possible.   Child potty training is challenging, but with the right tools, it can be much easier.  So when I decided it was time to potty train my boy, I purchased a potty training potty and a bathroom step stool.   I thought I had everything I needed.

It wasn’t long before I realized that I did not have everything I needed.  When I was potty training my son, it was always a problem when he had to use a public restroom since he was not tall enough to reach the toilet or the sink.  I would awkwardly dangle him above the sink and/or toilet, but it was always difficult and uncomfortable for both of us.  I always felt bad when he said, “Mama, you are hurting me.”   

 I searched the Internet to find a toddler step stool that I could carry in my purse.  After much research, I realized that there was nothing on the market.  I was so frustrated that I improvised a portable step stool, and when other mothers saw my son and me using it, they wanted to buy one.  This made me realize that other mothers wanted the same thing I wanted--a lightweight, travel step stool for their child.    I decided to design and manufacture a step stool that would meet this need.  Finally, after many years of engineering and testing, the Tip Pee Toe Step Stool is a reality.